Management of the hospitalised women with diabetes

Premenstrual disorder

VBAC current controversies

The road to optimal pregnancy outcomes in the reproductive female known with diabetes mellitus

CS rates

Thoughts on Caesarean section

Risk assessment

Effects of hypertension and diabetes on the eyes

Enhanced recovery after surgery


The dietitians guide

Power morcellation and leiomyosarcoma

Is a yearly Gynae Exam Indicated

HIV & Contraception: What`'s New?

Labour in the cardiac patient: an approach

Detection and management of late onset intra- uterine growth restriction

Endometrial Carcinoma

Surviving sepsis

Approach to a transgender patient

Ownership of genetic information



I'd rather die than get a transfusion

Cervical cancer screening

Online video and Youtube particularly is now more popular than cable television.

Ovarium hyperstimulation syndrome

Cancer in pregnancy

Literature review

Long term consequences of the PCOS

Skin conditions in pregnancy

Natural Caesarean Section

The BetterObs program

Mediation vs Litigation

Patient's understanding after counselling

Controversies in breastfeeding

An evidence-based breast cancer protocol

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High Quality Teaching in the Busy Clinic Environment